What Makes or Breaks a Bathroom


Remodeling a bathroom comes with a lot of decisions to make. You need to choose the right tub, tile, sink fixtures, and so much more. However, it is typically the small details that will make or break the appearance of the bathroom. When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, aesthetics and functionality are equally important. Here are a few items that can impact how the remodel turns out:

  1. The Shower Head: Even though this feature may not be seen by all your guests, it is important.  Many people are choosing to buy luxurious shower heads with massaging features as well as remembering temperature preferences. If you decide to stick with a basic head, think about raising it a foot or so higher so that the water reaches your entire body. Older bathroom models typically have lower showerheads. Raising the head will update your bathroom at a small cost.
  2. Tile and Grout: The design and coloring of the tile will set the aesthetic of the bathroom. Even though tile is the focal point, the grout used is equally important. You want to make sure that the tile and grout is seamless and modern. You would not want to break up the pattern you have created with lines of grout.
  3. Toilet Selection: The toilet is usually an overthought in planning the looks of the bathroom. Typically, homeowners think that any toilet will do. They all do the same thing. Since it is difficult to have an aesthetically pleasing toilet, think about functionality. Choose based on comfort and pick one with some style.
  4. Sink Fixtures: The faucet of your sink is like an accessory. It can really dress up the appearance of your sink. A recent trend is having spread out faucet. It not only looks more contemporary but makes it easier to clean. You should also think about updating the vanity. You may think that just repainting is enough, but when you update the faucet and other aspects of the room, it is only going to look more outdated.
  5. Towel Racks: Most of the time where you hang your towels to dry is a focal point of your bathroom. Try out a towel bar that is wide enough to fit at least two towels. Typically that is about 24 inches. You will be using this more than any other storage accessory in the home so make sure you love the design. Make sure you consider the placement of hooks for robes or towel bars before the remodel is complete. The towel should be accessible for when you exit the shower.

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