What Home Buyers Want the Most


There are always new trends in home-buying. Some of these are simply fads that die down after creating a little bit of buzz. However, others make a dent in the market and greatly affect purchasing trends. Listed below are some of the major trends in home-buying these days, they give you a close look at what buyers are looking for.


  1. Energy efficiency

As sustainability has become more popular recently, the trend for home buyers searching for energy efficient homes has as well. With an energy efficient home, the owners give their wallets a break and can also boast about their commitments to this world. This trend is evident from the fact that Energy Star certified homes are getting enthusiastic buyers.

  1. Small

Size is not everything when it comes to buying a home. Lately, more people are choosing small, cozy homes to settle in. Personalization plays a huge role in the tiny house trend. People no longer are trying to have a bigger home than their neighbors. Homes today are all about being unique with a personal touch, not necessarily the largest.

  1. Pet-friendly

Making a home acceptable for babies and kids to live in is one thing, making it pet-friendly is a completely different task. Lately, home buyers have increased awareness of making sure their choice is acceptable for their furry friend. Everything from the paint on the walls, to items of furniture, is made pet-friendly. Not only that, the interior of a house is made to reflect the presence of this additional family member. Families with pets are found to prefer homes that maintain dedicated space for the different needs of pets.

  1. Kitchen

Kitchens hold a special place in the hearts and minds of many people. It is often said, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Many home buyers are found to be exceedingly picky when it comes to this space. A kitchen needs to be organized while retaining its charm. There must be ample and separate spaces that should be effectively used for storage and dining. A kitchen is supposed to be a place where the whole family can sit together and have a good time.

  1. Laundry Room

Various studies have proved that a good percentage of people prefer homes with a large laundry room. Having a space dedicated to dirty clothes has become increasingly important. This area gives them the space to store, wash, dry and fold these clothes without the rest of the house feeling the brunt of this chore.

  1. Bath

The idea of a well-designed bathtub and toilet is quickly evolving. Bathroom utilities have taken a different shape altogether. More modern facilities trump the conventional in terms of functionality and aesthetics. While some features are designed purely for the comfort of the users, others are aimed at increasing the efficiency of water consumption. The appliances are designed to be compact and sleek, thus, giving users a sense of luxury with all that extra space.

  1. Exterior

First impressions are a hit or miss with homes. The exteriors of a house should be as pleasing as its interiors. A pleasing exterior with a lawn and excellent lighting will attract more buyers. The outdoors must be well-suited for the inhabitants as well. A patio is one such desired feature. It not only boosts the appeal of the house but also gives the dwellers a space for recreation and fun and a sumptuous Sunday brunch. People say “what’s on the inside matters more”, but when it comes to a home, the outside is just as important.

  1. Insulation

As already mentioned, energy efficiency seems to be the guiding principle for conscientious home buyers. Another related feature buyers are looking for is insulation. The perks of having a well-insulated house are that the costs of heating and cooling can be cut down greatly. This is precisely why some homes provide insulation that well exceeds the standards set by the code to make the space conducive for energy conservation.

  1. Locality

Last but not least is the locality. People pay great attention to their potential new neighborhood. The community plays a very important role in the decision making of a home buyer. Various factors like the presence of trees or lack thereof, the school systems, proximity to local amenities and most importantly, the types of people who make up the community have a huge role to play in this decision.  People tend to want to be near people they feel comfortable with and with whom they feel they share common interests and goals.

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