Top Summer Outdoor Design Trends


Extended Living Room:

Summer is finally around the corner. If you are anything like us, you are already planning out your weekends outdoors and trips to take. For all the outdoor lounging you are going to do, consider this summer’s hottest trend. Bring the party to your front yard. This will not only give you new possibilities of entertainment but even the chance to form friendships with the neighbors you do not see.

If you don’t have a front porch you may be thinking, how can i do this? Don’t worry, there is still so much you can do! Whether you have a front porch or a spacious front yard, you can set up a gathering area. Having an inviting living space outdoors is becoming increasingly popular. This not only gives you a great spot to mingle and sip a cold drink, but also a new use for the yard. Being in the front yard gives off a higher sense of community.

Fill window boxes with vibrant displays, add a cozy swing or a seating arrangement. You could even move your fire pit to the front. This will let people know you are inviting and everyone will want to stop by.

White & Black Outdoor Furniture

Adding a white and black combo to your furniture gives you an instant chic makeover. High contrast items like white chairs with black cushions will upgrade your space. You can start as little or as big as you want. You can combine black and white pillows on an outdoor day bed or swing, or you could get a black and white striped umbrella for your patio table. Make sure that you get weather-proof material and something that is easy to clean!

Mixed Materials

The new modern way to build is by layering different types of materials. In the past for outdoor projects, the same material would be used throughout. Your typical patio is just red brick. Now, designs include different colors and materials. Duane Draughon, the outdoor living designer at VizX Design Studios, explains that “walls could be built out of concrete with a wood bench, while the floor can be a porcelain tile with concrete steppers.”

Statement Doors

Take some time to focus on your front door. A major trend this summer is a statement door. This is also probably one of the easiest jobs when it comes to home improvement!

Interior designer Annabel Joy says that more and more people are painting their front doors a different color from the trim and exterior as a fun accent to their home. Dutch door styles are also on the comeback.

High-top bars and outdoor islands

Bring the party to the backyard with a high top table or an outdoor island. This is a great way to feel like you are at a restaurant or a bar in your own home. Those cookouts and afternoon cocktails will be that much more enjoyable. You can order a moveable high top bar to add an exciting element to your patio in the warm months.

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