Top 5 Expensive Homes IN the Us to Make an Investment


‘Home is where the heart is’, so even if it means an investment, you should pick the right home for you.  The United States is a great place to find your perfect home. Although it can be expensive, there are many great properties.

Real Estate in the United States was booming in 2017 and that trend is continuing through 2018. Los Angeles is at the top of the game due to their luxury homes with unlimited add-ons. Some of these include house staff and luxury car galleries. Mansions remain the first choice for buyers followed by ranches and Hampton Estates.

Here is a look at 5 of the most expensive homes in the US to take your pick from:

1.The Manor- Hombly Hills:

The story of The Manor goes way back to the year 1988. It was initially constructed for the TV producer Aaron Spelling and his wife, Candy.  It is a 56,500 square foot mansion of French chateau-style with traditional designs. It went through a complete remodel in the year 2011. Currently, there are 27 bathrooms, 14 bedrooms and a total of a jaw-dropping 123 room across the mansion. The usage of the rooms can go beyond your creative genius and imagination, but if you believe in rumors, then Mrs. Candy Spelling used one of the many rooms to keep a famous collection of her dolls. It is priced at 200 million dollars.

2. Great Island:

If you want to be secluded, think about Great Island. This beautiful, breathtaking location is just an hour’s drive from Manhattan. It is smartly situated to offer the much-needed escape from city life. It is a stone main house and is constructed carefully with Guastavino tiles for ceilings. The view from the home of the never-ending sea is to die for and is worth every penny you plan to invest in it. So, without any further delay, save up to be the proud owner of this dreamy property. It is priced at 175 million dollars.

3. The Chartwell Estate:

This property has come to the market for the first time in 30 years. Its debut appearance made it a popular choice amongst buyers. It is owned by the late TV executive Jerry Perenchio who lost his life in May 2018. This estate gained immense popularity after it was featured in the television series “The Beverly Hillbillies.” It was designed by the architect Summer Spaulding and is largely inspired by the 18th-century French neoclassical construction style. It covers a massive area of 10 acres and is over 25000 square feet. The interior attractions include a formal salon, a ballroom, and a vast paneled dining area. It is priced at 350 million dollars.

4. West Creek Ranch:

This is one spectacular ranch that is topping the list of buyers currently. This insanely located property covers roughly 7000 acres of land area. Along with the main residence, it comes with a helipad and a two-level circular stone library. The magnificent view of the Precambrian Rocks cliff is to die for. The attractions include a mountain lion and bear habitat and “real dinosaur footprints.” It is priced at 149 million dollars.

5. Manalapan Megamansion:

The mansion was constructed in the year 1940. It has been a top mention in the list of buyers since 2015. It is the epitome of grandeur. It has 47 bathrooms and 33 bedrooms and is the perfect place to house an entire extended family of whoever owns it. The estate has a private ocean of 1200 feet, beautiful botanical gardens with over 1500 species of tropical plants, tree house, a sports complex and so much more. It is priced at 165 million dollars.

The list mentioned above gives you an overview of all the luxurious places in the United States. Every property is equally classy and plush and will be worth the huge investment.

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