Tips to Get Your House to the Top Of Buyer’s Lists


Selling a house can be a tricky task. If you live in an upcoming neighborhood or are selling at the peak of the season, you will see a lot of competition. There are always the basics that you are told on how to stand out. We have some tips for you that you may not have considered before.

These tips will hopefully help you sell your house quicker, and at top dollar.

1. First Impressions: Make sure that your house has curb appeal. Do you need to repave your driveway before prospective buyers come for an open house? How does your mailbox look? You want to make sure you keep the outside of your home freshly manicured. These details stay top of mind for buyers.

2. Think About Empty Rooms: If you have rooms that you never use, think about what their intended purpose was. Once you know what they were supposed to be used for, stage them like that. Buyers want to see the home in a traditional way. If you use your formal dining room as a play area, think about changing it up for open houses. This will allow them to really envision themselves there.

3. Get Buyers to Connect: A real estate agent in Pennsylvania once worked with a couple who decided to hand write a letter about the memories that were made in their home. They wrote about how they raised their family, the personal and emotional experiences that were shared in the house, etc. They left this letter on the kitchen island for prospective buyers to read when they came and checked it out. One buyer liked the house, loved the seller’s story, and paid full asking price that day. You need to get buyers to connect with you on a more personal level.

4. Give Helpful Info: If you personalize the listing with information that no one else will give them, you have a better chance of winning buyers over. Mention the best local location to grab coffee, or the secret spot that has the best pizza down the road. You are the one who has lived there and gotten to know the lay of the land, give them that intel.

5. Virtual Tour: Photos and descriptions can only do so much for people when trying to sell a house. If you film a tour on video, buyers will be able to really imagine themselves in the home. They will be able to get a feel for the layout and see the complete picture of the house. This will draw in more buyers.

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