Can you believe another summer is almost over? Before we know it, a new school year is going to begin. Getting back in the swing of things can be hard for everyone involved. Start preparing now to make things go smoothly when you have to get back into routine. Here are some tips and tricks for you to dominate the new school year.

1. Streamline the bathroom – Mornings can be difficult to navigate before school. Everyone is rushing around trying to get ready and fighting for bathroom time can be a struggle. Keep your bathroom organized. Store hair styling tools on a door hanger and products on a turntable. This will allow for easy grab and go and quick turn around. Set timelines for turns in the bathroom to avoid someone being blocked out!

2. Stay connected – A shared family calendar is going to be a game-changer. With after school activities, sports practice, and appointments, it’s hard to keep track of who is where at what time. Keep everyone’s schedule on one app that the whole family can see. You can share reminders and color code on most apps so that you will never forget when you need dinner on the go or are in charge of pick up. Some great options are TimeTree and Cozi Family Organizer.

3. Get out the door quicker – You never want to be late on the first day. If you find it a challenge to get everyone out the door on time, try using a timer or alarm clock. Set it to different intervals for morning routines to be complete. If the bus comes in 10 minutes, set off an alarm to ring.

4. Supply Stash – Say goodbye to late night freak outs about projects due the next morning that haven’t been started. No more late night CVS runs to get that poster board that was needed 2 weeks ago but is only being started the night before. Buy a stash of supplies to have in the closet for when this occurs. Have extra markers, cardboard paper, index cards, etc. on hand.

5. Plan weeknight dinners ahead – Create a menu for the following week. Plan out what meal is to be had each night. Laying out the meals will keep you away from falling back to take out. It will also make grocery shopping easier on the weekends. Plan for nights that you are going out and nights that family dinner will be held.

6. Pick out your outfit the night before – Choosing an outfit in the morning can take up more time than one thinks or wants. Having this planned out the night before takes away any dilemma in getting dressed the next morning. It will make morning routines much easier!

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