The Ultimate Guide to Planning Thanksgiving Dinner


The holiday season is upon us! With Thanksgiving coming up, there is a lot to get done and plan out. If you typically get stressed during this time of year, here is a guide to ensure a great Thanksgiving day.

  1. Pick Your Turkey
    You do not want to be driving from store to store the day before Thanksgiving trying to find a turkey. Make sure you order one or pick one up earlier in the week.
  2. Plan the Menu
    Make a list of everything you will need to eat and drink for the day! Plan out what you will serve for appetizers, side dishes, desserts, and beverages. Think about what needs to be cooked where so you do not run out of space!
  3. Prep
    You can begin prepping early. This will allow you to enjoy the day. You should hit the grocery store about a week before to get the nonperishable items. 2-3 days before Thanksgiving you can run back for the fresh items as well as anything you may have forgotten the first time. Make sure you have enough silverware and plates for the number of guests that you invited. If you freeze your turkey, take it out to thaw two to three days before. Check out which dessert or appetizers can be made the day before to give you more time the day of.
  4. Enjoy the day!
    Get your turkey taken care of first thing! You will be multitasking for most hours in the morning between checking the turkey and working on the side dishes. After all the hard work is done you will be able to enjoy a nice holiday.

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