Seniors and Downsizing: So many questions, where to find the answers?


If you are a Senior thinking of downsizing, my guess is that the whole idea of it is overwhelming.  Perhaps some of these questions have popped into your head:

How will I go through all my belongings and get this house organized?

You can get started by going through stuff and deciding if you want to keep it, gain from it, give it away, or recycle it. The mountain of stuff in your home will start to shrink as you get organized.

What are the steps involved in selling a home?

The biggest and most important step is to hire a real estate agent. The agent will assist you with all the legal and practical aspects of selling your home.

  1. Where will I move to? Will I like it there? What if I don’t like it there?
  2. How will I fit all my stuff into a smaller place?
  3. Who can I trust to help me with all of it?

With all the professionals needed for a move: The biggest question of all is how do you know who to trust?

I am a local Boston area Realtor specializing in helping seniors downsize.  I have cultivated relationships with ALL the vendors needed to help senior’s ease the stress and move on to their next home with ease.  I have access to movers, move managers, organizers, home stagers, handymen, attorneys, everyone needed to complete the transaction and I will manage the process with one phone call.  I work and live with the highest level of integrity, and only work with other vendors who do the same. The home selling experience is complicated – for anyone. Seniors who can often feel extra vulnerable can rest assured that one call to me will take care of everything.

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