Pantone Color Of the Year: Ultra Violet


A new year, a new color! The Pantone Color Institute has chosen Ultra Violet as 2018’s Color of the Year.

Described as a “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple” Ultra Violet PANTONE 18-3838 is a rich shade, reminiscent of imperial robes and the last traces of deep sunsets. Purple is one of the rarest colors in nature, giving it an ancient sense of power and mystery. Difficult to produce in the ancient world, it was a color reserved for kings, emperors, and priests. To this day the rich yet subtle variations in the color communicate a sense of luxury and nobility.

Pantone’s Ultra Violet is a deep and mesmerizing shade, reminiscent of the colors of the cosmos itself. This is part of why the Pantone Color Institute selected it for 2018. As Leatrice Eiseman, the Insitute’s executive director, explains, “we are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination.” This simple yet stunning shade suggests “the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now.” It is color chosen to inspire and calm at the same time, a combination that lets us enter the new year with clear heads and sharp ambitions.

The Pantone Color Institute is a consulting service that forecasts global color trends. They started naming a Color of the Year as they recognized that individuals around the world are fascinated by color and its potential to help us add meaning to the world around us. Their Color of the Year is chosen to encapsulate the year’s potential and inspire and influence companies, designers, and individuals in the year ahead. You can learn more here.

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