Why I love Needham

I have lived in Needham since 2004. I have raised three kids through the public school system, the local sports programs, and have attended hundreds of community activities over the years. Living in Needham is a pleasure. We have 4 commuter rail stops, easy access to Route 128, abundant green space for hiking, biking, dog walking, etc., a community pool and beautiful Rosemary Lake. We also have several religious institutions, a hospital, great shops and restaurants and a vibrant business and volunteer community.

With a population of just over 30,000 and covering just about 13 square miles, Needham often feels like a small town. We have one central downtown area where most civic events take place. We have 5 elementary schools that feed into one 6th grade school, one middle school and one High School. This allows most kids to get to know almost everyone in their grade at some point. We are probably best known for the amazing July 4 fireworks the Exchange Club puts on every year as well as an old fashioned holiday parade. Needham’s government consists of a Board of Select People and a Town Manager as well as a Town Meeting where elected members of the community help shape the future of the town.

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