Learn About Your New School District


The search for a new home goes beyond just finding the right house. There is so much to consider, especially the neighborhood. If you are moving with children or planning to have children, you want to make sure you are picking a neighborhood that is in a satisfactory school district.

Where to Look: Luckily there is a lot of information available online about school districts. You can find most information on schools that live within a district on the districts’ website. It could also be helpful to reach out to the schools to learn more in depth about them. Real Estate agents can also be of help! If you are looking to buy in a neighborhood of our expertise, we can share our insight with you.

What to Look For: There is a lot to consider when you look at the school district you are moving to. First you should make a list of what you are really looking for – small class size, special needs accommodations, language immersion, advanced placement, athletics, and the arts. You will also want to look into the staff.

Just because a school is ranked well online, does not mean it is the best fit for your child. Make sure you take this into consideration when looking for your dream home!

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