Kitchen Hoods That Steal the Spotlight


In the kitchen, the spot for the range hood is considered prime real estate. Homeowners used to put the microwave there. But that’s getting swapped out for a decorative hood, which can come in a range of metals.

A stainless steel hood offers a safe pick for those desiring a more modern style.

For a slightly bolder choice, copper tone or blackened steel range hoods are growing in popularity.

Some range hoods with added decorative detailing are becoming the stars of kitchen design. For example, polished gold details outline some hoods for extra shine.

Take a look at this copper range hood outlined with brass straps. That’s sure to be a strong focal point in the kitchen.

In a more traditional home, wooden hoods continue to be popular. But the colors are changing. For example, in an all-white kitchen, a darker, contrasting wood-stained hood is becoming the go-to choice.

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