Is Home Staging Worth It for Sellers?


It can be nerve wracking thinking the process of selling a house. Home sellers want to ensure that they have high probability of making a sale rather quickly. One of the best ways to make this process go smoother is to spend a little extra on staging. Staging your home for buyers will make it that much more desirable.

40% of agents surveyed in a National Association of Realtors Report said that staging had an impact on most buyers, while 52% said it affected at least some of the potential buyers.

NAR’s vice president of research, Jessica Lautz, said that “buyers’ expectations have changed and risen. They want to see the types of homes they see on TV in person.” Having the house styled with aesthetically pleasing layouts of furniture and decor makes it easier for a buyer to imagine the house as their own. Potential home buyers are more likely to visit a property after seeing pleasing photos online.

How much should you spend?

Most sellers don’t need to break the bank to accomplish this. It was reported that they spent only a median of $400 on staging. Spending that $400 increased the sale price by 1%-5%. An additional 17% of agents said it upped prices by 6% to 10%. Staging also reduces the time a home is on the market.

Which rooms should you stage?

When planning out the staging process, there are rooms that are more important to focus on than others. 93% of living rooms are staged, 84% of kitchens, 78% of master bedrooms, and 72% of dining rooms.

Guest bedrooms were deemed as the least important space in a home to stage. Living rooms and kitchens are where you spend the most of your time. You want to make the prospective buyers feel comfortable and at home in these places.

Not staging? Top tasks to prepare for sale:

If you decide not to stage, you should still make sure that your home is in its best shape before you put it on the market.

According to agents, decluttering is the top task to accomplish. Other important tasks to mention include cleaning your entire home, removing pets during showings, cleaning the carpets, making minor repairs, and depersonalizing the home.

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