Interior Design Trends for 2020


It is crazy to think about all the design trends that have come and gone in the last decade. Remember when ombre was a huge hit? Bohemian designs and lots of greenery definitely had their time to shine over the last 10 years too. You also can’t forget about how marble and gold accents took the world by storm. At one point, these were the hottest trends, but as we know, they don’t always last.

Moving into not only a new year but a new decade opens up a lot of possibilities for change. Some trends will end up carrying over into 2020 but there is a lot that we will see for the first time in a while.

Vintage Accents: Even though we are moving to a new decade, pieces from decades past are going to be showstoppers in your home. There is more of a desire for vintage and traditional design aspects. Most designers are going to stick to adding one or two core vintage pieces.

Bold Bathrooms: Gone are the days of pure white, hospital looking bathrooms. This coming year there will be an increase in pattern and bold colors found in bathrooms. Since the space is typically on the smaller size, it is the best location to experiment with something out of your comfort zone.

Navy Blue: Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 is a Classic Blue which is a shade of navy. You will be seeing a lot of this color popping up in the new year. Luckily this color is very versatile and polished so it is going to be easy to incorporate.

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