How to Reduce Stress While Selling


When you think about stressful real estate transactions, you probably think of buying first. Most people forget that selling is just as nerve wracking!

Zillow surveyed a group of recent home sellers to find out what they worried about most. These were the most common responses:

  • Selling the home within the desired time frame (36%)
  • Selling the home within the desired price range (36%)
  • Timing the sale to match up with the purchase of a new home (36%)
  • Determining a list price (31%)
  • Finding the right agent (31%)
  • Negotiating with buyers (31%)
  • Determining if improvements are needed to sell the home (30%)
  • Choosing an offer to accept (29%)

Here are some tips of how you can avoid feeling stressed during a sale:

  • Determine why you are selling your home. You typically are selling a house because something exciting is around the corner. You could be selling to gain equity in the home you once had, your family is growing and needs more space, you’re establishing a home in a new city. Keep this in mind when you start to feel stressed. Better things are coming!
  • Have the right agent! We feel confident that we can help you go through the sale of your current home with minimum amounts of stress. Having someone to walk through this with you and help you out is such an important part. Call or email us today to see how we can help you!
  • Set boundaries on showings. You may want to say yes to every showing request that comes in. Sometimes even when they are last minute or inconvenient times. It can bring you stress if you are trying to keep your house in pristine condition at all times in case a showing pops up. Set certain days and times of the week where you will be prepared for showings so that you and your family do not have to stress.
  • Be strategic. If you are selling your house as you are trying to buy a new one, stress is pretty common. Take a look at if you should buy or sell first. This will depend on your financials and the current market. As your real estate agent, we can help you decide what is the best route to take.

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