How to Create a Home Office You’ll Want to Work IN


Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. You have a little bit more freedom – you don’t have to change out of sweatpants! With that being said, it is hard to feel productive when you are just working in your bedroom or at the kitchen table. You need a dedicated space that will inspire your productivity. Here are some tips on how to build that office:

Color Cohesiveness:

Make sure you choose decor and paint in variations of a single hue so that the office looks put together and cohesive. If your office is going to be out in the open for guests to see, make sure it is also cohesive with the vibe and style of the rest of your home.

Stylish Shelves:

Having decor in your office that you actually enjoy looking at can help increase your productivity and desire to work. A styling tip to keep in mind – push books and other items to the front of the shelf so that it looks more full!

Cut Down on Noise: It is not easy to work in a space where there is a lot of noise. If you have the flexibility, it is best to create a space that is further away from general rooms like kitchens and living rooms. There is also the option of sound proofing if you want to ensure that you are getting your peace and quiet!

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