Health Benefits Of Home Ownership


Owning a home is the dream for most people with a family. Having a home means having a private and personal space that no rented home can replace. However, this dream may not materialize due to money issues and similar concerns. However, it is to be remembered that there are so many benefits to owning a house. It is a long-term investment. This article focuses particularly on the health benefits of home-ownership. Listed below are some of the major health benefits of home-ownership.


The monetary gain

The most obvious advantage of owning a home is the money one will save/make in the longer run. Barring a few years’ exceptions, the money invested in housing has only gone uphill. Real estate is one of the foundations of building wealth. It is not so difficult to connect the extra money made towards healthcare. Wealth has always been found to be a major trigger for good healthcare and understandably so!

Social being

There is a different feeling to staying put in a fixed place. One cannot help but develop a relationship with the society he/she is housed in. Adults find themselves actively participating in the activities of the community. The family eventually develops an attachment to the neighborhood and invests in its well-being and benefit health-wise from it.

Education of children

It has been found in various studies that a friendly atmosphere causes children to perform well academically. Due to the obvious advantage of children completing their education at one place, in an amiable surrounding without having to face any stress regarding a change of place, they are prone to grow up healthy, mentally and physically. The relative safety of owned homes will make them feel secure and inspire them to behave and act properly and more importantly, make them happy. This also prevents them from developing deviant behavior. All these factors have a direct correlation to the health of children.

Overall well-being

Time and again, researchers have proved that staying at one place will be good for the overall health of an individual. This has much to do with a sense of safety and security that a person gets while living in a place on a permanent basis. Also, home-owners are likely to be stress-free because owning a house comes with a sense of power and control, not to mention the sense of achievement one feels after having settled down in one place. These are triggers for good mental health.

Lack of uncertainty

There is a certain lack of uncertainty about the life lying ahead when people live in a house they own. There is a general idea about how life will turn out, at least to a certain extent. This makes people feel that their lives can more or less be controlled. This also gives them a sense of responsibility towards themselves and towards their families. Such people are likely to invest more in personal and familial health.

Sense of belonging

After a point of time in life, everyone aspires to belong somewhere. This quality is inherent to human beings. Both kids and adults alike seek to be approved and appreciated by the people they are surrounded with. The rapport with other human beings become the basis of their happiness. In fact, they feel an increasing need to be part of a group at all times. This is what one achieves after staying in one place for a considerable amount of time. When one is constantly moving about, something is lacking in terms of social ties. This makes people rather unhappy with their lives. The “unhappiness” has a bearing on health. Besides, living in close contacts with neighbors will also mean that there is plenty of help when in need, sickness, and health!

There are countless benefits of owning a home which directly or indirectly affects the health of the residents. Children are often found to have a head start in life if they grow up in such a background. All these claims are scientifically corroborated. Therefore, it is quite safe to advise someone to buy a house so that s/he can lead a healthier and happier life.

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