Bring Summer Indoors


Summer means sunshine and relaxation. It is a season of refreshment and brightness. So, not just you, but even your house needs to demonstrate the rejuvenating feeling of the season. Splash some colors here and there to beat the heat and welcome summer creatively.

Light colors, pastel shades, and floral prints are the rage when it comes to home décor. You can place beautiful shades of neutral colors on the walls to jazz up a dull look or you can add a hint of floral or abstract wallpapers. It is a smart and more comfortable choice to settle for light tone paints for the walls and marble flooring to prevent the house from getting too warm during the season. Moreover, light colors beautifully complement a varied range of furniture and upholsteries.

One way to decorate your house is with fresh flowers. Consider some of the most stylish combinations:

  • White and lavender: There cannot be a more soothing pair, and if you have a soft spot for fragrances then you should go for the purple beauties. White goes with almost any solid color but it creates a beautiful combination with Lavender. On your next trip to the store, pick up a bouquet to put on display. For a more sustainable flower fix, plant a few in the yard to watch them bloom.
  • Yellow, green and white- Summers are all about bright sunshine and what can be better than some pretty, yellow flowers teamed with green or white flowers. If you are inclined towards striking combinations then yellow and green flowers will surely cater to your need. However, if you wish to tone it down, then settle for a more calm combination of yellow and white. Both the choices will ensure your home looks stylish and feels cozy.
  • Orange and yellow- This combination is effortless yet bold. It gives out a sultry vibe and can add drama to a dull area. These are conventional summer shades and will give your home a vibrant look.
  • Dark pink light pink- Two shades of one color is another flower fashion that interior decorators swear by. Hot pink and baby pink is one such combination which adds an elegant appeal to the house. It is feminine, striking and joyful. The moment you look at the mix, you will surely feel a rush of happiness inside your soul. So, flaunt this style gracefully and spread happiness.

Another trendy way to change up your humble abode is by putting beautiful fresh greenery inside the house. Some plants in the home will not only ensure the house looks gorgeous and natural but also keep you healthy. Fresh green plants keep away germs and the air circulation within the home is also taken care of.


Some ideas about how you can place them all over your house:

  • Place them on the center table or the dining table and water them regularly. This method will keep the plant green and alive for a more extended period.
  • Keep them near windows. Expose them to sunlight and water them regularly to encourage healthy photosynthesis. The plants will protect your health in return if you take care of them.
  • You can even put some on your bedside table with a night lamp. Your bedroom will look like a dream and feel more comfortable than usual.

Summer is a season we all eagerly look forward to. With lush green trees and colorful flowers, bright days are here to stay.

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