Amazon Tiny House Trend Gone Viral


You can buy pretty much anything you want on Amazon. They have made it so easy for items to be delivered to you in record time. Amazon’s newest venture is in selling houses. The hottest selling item right now is the Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin Kit. This is a build it yourself backyard house that can be built by two people in around eight hours. This $7,250 172-square-foot wooden house went viral and sold out instantly.

Because of the success that the Studio Cabin brought, many other tiny houses started popping up on Amazon. You can purchase a DIY log cabin as a staycation home, or a tiny wooden cottage for a guest house or home office.

The houses take around 3-5 weeks to arrive. They are shipping you an entire house! Amazon is giving you the ability to turn your background into the newest hot spot for hanging out.

These kits come with all the materials you would need to build the tiny home in your backyard. There are simple instructions and also give some versatility. You can use these houses for anything. These houses are movable, or they will add some added value if you decide to sell your home!

Make sure you check out your zoning laws and guidelines before you begin building. There is a chance that you need to apply for a building permit!

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