Amazon CEO Find’s Homes IN Prime Locations


Amazon as a company is expanding greatly across the United States. Chief of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is doing the same. They are currently on the hunt for a place to call home for their second headquarters. For Bezos, any location they pick could be close to home. He is currently the 25th largest landowner in the United States. These properties range in locations from the shores of Lake Washington, two neighboring homes in California, a former museum in Washing D.C, four linked apartments in Manhattan by Central Park, and over 300,000 acres in West Texas.

Bezos has an overall net worth of over $80 billion. This allows him to buy real estate across the country. In Manhattan, he paid around $12.95 million for four apartments in the Century at 25 Central Park West. Last year he paid $23 million for a former textile museum in Washington D.C’s Kalorama neighborhood. He is now having it renovated. In Medina, Washington Bezos owns many adjacent properties on the lake. In Beverly Hills, the property collector bought a home for $12.9 million next to his existing home he bought at $24.45 million.

Will any of these locations be prime for the booming company’s second headquarters? What Amazon is calling “HQ2” has some guidelines on where it can be held. They want a metropolitan area, within 45 minutes of an international airport, a thriving business-friendly environment and an “overall great quality of life.” They wish the location to have a diverse population and be near excellent institutions of higher education.

Let’s take a look and see if any of Bezos’ “hometowns” will be the right fit.

1. Beverly Hills California
Bezos owns two unbelievable homes near each other in Beverly Hills. These homes include amenities such as “rolling lawns, formal garden, long gated drive, sunken tennis court, soaring beam ceilings, extraordinary tile detail, fabulous master, huge pool, sensational kitchen, guest home, six-car garage, huge motor court, and the most prestigious Sunset location” to mention a few…

However, neighbors say that Bezos is never there. He keeps quiet when he is, and his neighbors have never met him. Los Angeles has already confirmed their bidding for HQ2, which could be a great location. It is close to two of his homes, an international airport, and very prestigious universities such as USC and UCLA.

2. Washington, D.C
The architect that is currently renovating the $23 million old textile museum says that the Bezos “are a really nice family and they absolutely love it here.” The work to turn it into a private home is planned to be completed in December. Neighbors are excited about the addition of Bezos to their neighborhood. They joke that they are hopeful there will be a drone pad in the backyard where they can collect their groceries and packages from Amazon.

D.C makes sense for HQ2, as Bezos already has a presence there beside his new home. He bought the Washington Post for $250 million in 2013. There are multiple bids expected from the Capital. This location also fits the checklist. Washington D.C is a strong contender.

3. West Texas
Texas also has gotten to know both Amazon and Bezos over the years. Bezos owns over 300,000 acres in the state. Blue Origin, Amazon’s space-transportation company, has a 30,000-acre base in Van Horn, Texas. Jeff Bezos grew up on a ranch with a ton of land and wanted his family to be able to do the same. West Texas is not the most ideal location, but Dallas, Houston and Austin are all in the running. They may not be the largest, most appealing metropolitan areas trying to home HQ2, but they have a shot.

4. New York
New York has an atmosphere like no where else. Manhattan is home to higher institutions of great recognition. Most Ivy schools are in decent proximity to the city. Bezos clearly enjoys his time in New York, with his four apartments that he has linked together atop of a building overlooking Central Park.

New York City is bustling with a working class of every race. It meets all criteria that has been laid out for HQ2. There are over two dozen proposals to host the headquarters in the city. These proposals total over 50 million square feet of commercial space across 23 different neighborhoods.

5. Medina, Washington
The neighbors of Bezos at his coastal Washington home are not new to the spotlight. They include Bill Gates and many top executives at Microsoft. Bezos currently owns two homes in the area. This location seems to be more of a vacation/getaway for Bezos. It is very unlikely that HQ2 is going to be located in Washington. It does not meet most of the criteria and Bezos may not want to have work so close to his sanctuary.

It will be very interesting to see what ends up happening with Amazon as they move forward. With homes across the nation, Bezos has come to know many locations. There are already so many bids on who will host the second headquarters for this escalating company. We shall see what happens next.

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