9 DIY Projects to Get Ready for Summer

  1. DIY Outdoor Bar

The best part of summer is being able to enjoy time outside with friends and family. A great DIY addition is an outdoor bar. There are multiple ways you can set this up. One example includes taking planks of wood, old wooden boxes, and stools. Paint the stools and the planks the color of your choice. Screw the plank of wood to the top of the two stools. You can then use the wooden boxes as storage and organization to hold cups, napkins, drink mix, etc.

2. Bohemian Serving Plates

Once the weather starts heating up, you can enjoy your meals outside! Hosting outdoor dinner parties is a great way to get outside this summer. Heat up the party with some customized painted serving plates! This is a super simple craft. You will need some wicker plated, acrylic paint, and a paint brush.You can add any type of design you’d like. One of the most popular for this summer is a Bohemian take with geometric shapes and bright accent colors. Happy plates make for a happy party!

3. Watermelon Centerpiece

This is an interesting twist on the classic summer centerpiece! Get yourself a big watermelon. Cut off the top and scoop out the inside. You can buy a fresh bouquet from the garden or a store, or get a fake arrangement to keep for longer. Pinks and purples look best against the green shell.

4. Ombre Tablecloth

A typical spring to summer tablecloth can probably be found in many homes. Set yourself apart with a fun new idea! Take the design into your own hands by dyeing a white linen table cloth. All you need is dye, water, the cloth, and a bucket! Ombre is especially fun and it will impress all your visitors!

5. Color-Block Concrete Planters

Add a little pizzazz to your greenery displays on the porch or deck. Add a nice bold pattern or color to some plain planters. Get some inexpensive cinder blocks or planter boxes. You can free hand a design or block off parts with painters tape to have a more structured look. Once the paint has dried, fill them with dirt and plants of your choice!

6. Painted Welcome Mat

Your guests will not want to wipe dirt on this fun welcome mat! Purchase a plain mat and some fun paint. You can grab some stencils from your local craft store or freehand. Use colorful outdoor paint to ensure its longevity.

7. Floppy Sun Hat

This is your chance to create the perfect summertime accessory! A floppy sun hat is perfect for all summer activities – the beach, the pool, or even working in the garden! You can add a personal touch to a solid colored hat with a few items. Get some poms, rope, and a hot-glue gun. You can glue the poms around the hat or create your own cursive saying in rope. If you use a pencil to lightly draw your saying on, it will be easier to glue the rope on!

8. Graphic Floral Monogram

Add a fun element to your front door, living room, or back porch! To make a floral monogram display you will need to purchase or create a hollow mold in the shape of your initial. You will need displays of fake flowers to place into the hollow mold. Once the letter is completely filled in, you will have a gorgeous floral display!

9. Tiered Hanging Plant Baskets

Put a twist on the simple plant baskets laid out around your home. A tiered hanging planter can be created by stringing together woven baskets with some colorful rope! You can hang these anywhere around the outside of your home. One good idea is to plant herbs and put the hanger outside the kitchen window so you can get fresh ingredients when cooking!

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