8 Way to Eliminate Sentimental Clutter


You will feel better in the long run. Trust Me!

Souvenirs, old photographs, and items from family are much harder to get rid of than old magazines and newspapers.

Things we hold on to are like a time machine. They bring us back to a time when we think we were happier or to a special event in our life. The thing is that if we focus on the past we cannot focus on the present or the future and we are doing a disservice to ourselves.

So to gain a little space in your home and declutter, try the following:

  1. Start in the bathroom.
    Generally speaking, we do not store items with great emotional value in the bathroom. Those thread bare towels from years ago are a lot easier to dispose of than the only photograph or your great grandmother. Starting with the bathroom will give you a sense of accomplishment, and it is easier than starting elsewhere.
  2. You do not ditch the memory with the item.
    Trust me your family never expects you to keep everything they have ever given you. Chances are they gave it to you to enjoy, not to be a burden to you. If it is just clutter at this point pass it on to another family member, give it to someone else, or just dispose of it. You will still remember the person and their kindness.
  3. Have a last hurrah.
    There is always that suit you wore to your prom or the dress you wore to your cousin’s wedding. Put it on, have a good laugh, post it to Instagram or Pinterest. Give your friends a good laugh and then remove it from your home.
  4. Hopefully, you own things to make you feel good.
    Sentimental items can have positive or negative emotions connected with them.
    Why hold on to something that makes you feel melancholy? Ditch it and the emotional baggage that is attached to it. You will feel better in the long run.
  5. Keep the best —Toss the rest.
    Have a collection of coins? Display them in a shadow box. Cut beads off old gowns and embellish a different dress. Take a few of the things you are holding that you would like to display and show them off. Bring new life to the things you own, don’t just store them.
  6. Some stuff is just stuff.
    That old birthday card from your grandmother – Is it handmade? Is it important for some reason because it is from her?
    How many of your old photos are blurry? Do you even know where they were taken or who is in the picture?
    Old baby toys and clothes. Are they really ever going to be used again?
    If it has become just stuff, get rid of it.
  7. Remember this is the digital age.
    Childhood notes to your Mom, old scribblings from classes, even old photographs will be just as meaningful if digitized. You can store those digital images in several cloud locations like Dropbox, Instagram, and Pinterest
  8. Make this your new mantra.
    “The barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon,” says Kell. What is most important in life is what is happening right now. Remember that and you should be fine.

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