You’ve sold your home; congratulations! But as you’re packing up your stuff or reflecting on when you moved in, you’ll probably think of things you wish that you had known about the property when you moved in. Those are the things you should leave for the new owners. Here’s a quick list of the most important ones:

  1. All the Keys–Not Just for the Front and Back Doors. Do you have any cabinets or interior doors that lock? If so, you should leave those keys for the new owners and clearly mark what locks they open.
  2. Access to Any Device that Needs to be Reset. This includes the obvious like home security systems or garage doors, but also think about any built-in smart home devices you have. From an internet-connected refrigerator to exterior home monitoring devices, new homeowners should have clear instructions on how to connect and reset these appliances.
  3. Manuals and Warranty Information. Similar to point 2, it’s good to leave any users’ manuals or warranty information you have about kitchen appliances, smoke detectors, heating and cooling systems, pipes, and electricity connections. If you don’t have warranties, it is useful to leave receipts or even just a list of purchase dates. This way the new owners have a record of the age of their appliances.
  4. Phone Numbers for Local Utilities Companies. These will help the new owners set up any connections they need.
  5. A List of Local Service Providers. This can be anything from plumbers and carpenters to dry cleaners. It’s kind to leave a list of professionals you know and trust, especially if you know the new owners plan to do work on the house soon after moving in.
  6. Paint Pots. Do you still have a quarter gallon of the color you used on the kitchen walls? Leave it and some brushes for the new owners in case the walls or trim need touch ups after the moves.
  7. Important Neighborhood Dates. Leave the new owners a list of important neighborhood dates like trash collection, street cleaning, and mail delivery and pickup times. It’s easy to write this stuff down, and even a short list will go a long way toward helping new owners avoid unpleasant surprises.
  8. Local Take Out Menus. Of course, this is not necessary, but it is certainly nice. If you are moving out of town, you will not need these anymore, and it is unlikely the new owners will want to cook on that first night.

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