8 Reasons a Seller Needs a Talented Agent


Some sellers avoid contacting real estate agents because they don’t want to pay a hefty commission for the deal. They assume that they’ll have a more profitable deal if they avoid agents and take on all responsibility. Some succeed with this idea, but most fail.

Here are eight major reasons anyone selling a home needs a talented agent.

  1. Experience and Qualification:

Professional agents have extensive experience in the field, and they know the ins and outs of it. For a transaction as complicated and important as selling a house, it’s smart to hire someone experienced and qualified; they know more than we do.

Moreover we all try to save time, and hiring an agent will do just that. Hiring a professional saves you the time and worry of managing the process yourself. They also help sellers by giving quality ideas on how to improve the appearance of a home which can push them to gain a profitable amount.

  1. Negotiations:

A real estate negotiation without a mediator is really difficult. Though many people think that not hiring a selling agent means more transparency between buyer and seller, that’s not necessarily true. It has a high risk of killing the deal through unintended mistakes or  misunderstood information.

Not only are good agents talented negotiators, they also know to convey any reasonable concerns to the buyer’s agent. This kind of transparency actually improves the transaction and strengthens the deal.

  1. The Best Network:

Agents have a vast knowledge of their area: a huge network of other buyers and sellers, updated market data, prices for properties. This makes them strong negotiators, and helps them provide correct information about local educational institutions and services–not to mention access to other talented professionals in the field, like lawyers or insurance reps. It’s a shame to throw all that support away.

  1. Real Estate Agents Will Not Let You Down:

Licensed agents will never make a false statement. They’re professionals, and they’re bound by license law to act in the best interest of their clients. They also take care of all legal documents and paperwork to keep you hassle free.

  1. Pricing Strategy:

Selling agents will ask buyers to weigh all provided data and select a price. Then based on market supply, demand and the conditions, the agent will devise a negotiation strategy. They also take care of all legal documents and paperwork related to pricing, so you can stay hassle free.

  1. Confidentiality and Security:

Good agents are not messengers. They are trained professionals and keep all client transactions and records confidential. They also provide some basic security by pre-screening visitors to open houses and accompanying potential buyers on showings.

  1. Responses After Deal Queries:

Even a complication free deal can produce curve balls. There might be some confusion with a tax payment, other utility bills, or some invoices—but a single call to your agent and they’ll start working on the answer.

Questions may arise between the purchase and sale and the closing…a good agent will answer all these questions and never leave you alone with the problems.

  1. Bonds for Future Work:

A real estate agent depends on referrals for new work, so they know their clients need to be 100% satisfied. They work to earn your business.

They also work hard to stay in touch after a closing, which will benefit you in the long run when you need to hire an agent again.

The bottom line:

It looks easy to make a deal all by yourself, but it is not nearly as easy as it looks. Trying to manage everything on your own may get you into a difficult situation—a situation you can easily avoid by hiring a real estate agent.

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