6 Hidden Maintenance Costs to Lookout for As a Buyer


So you have finally closed on the home of your dreams. You went through all the steps and paperwork so you can now relax. As long as you keep up with your mortgage payments, your financials are all set – to an extent.

Now that you own a home, you need to maintain it. Maintenance can cost a good chunk of money. The worst type of maintenance costs are those that you did not see coming before you purchased the home. Here are 6 hidden expenses that are often overlooked.

  1. New Locks
    1. As soon as you get the keys to your home, you should go get new locks. Think about how many people were given keys to get into your new home at one point.
    2. Cost: $100 to $350
  2. Tree Removal
    1. If you are buying a home with a good amount of greenery remember to budget in that maintenance. Tree removal and trimming can cost a good amount of money.
    2. Cost: $75 to $4,000
  3. HVAC
    1. The best way to prevent expensive repairs on your HVAC is to do maintenance on it twice a year. The best bang for your buck is getting a service contract. These typically give you two check-ups a year from a technician to prevent any serious issues.
    2. $70 to $100 twice a year
  4. Duct Cleaning
    1. If the home you purchased was previously lived in, you should check out the duct situation can be a huge issue for people with allergies. It is recommended that you get a one-time duct cleaning when you move in. The cost of cleaning varies on the size of your home.
    2. Cost $450 to $1,000
  5. Fire Extinguishers
    1. In many states, home sellers are required to keep a fire extinguisher within 5 feet of the kitchen when the house hits the market. If your new home doesn’t have any, you should buy at least one.
    2. Cost $20 to $75 per extinguisher
  6. Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
    1. New homes will typically come equipped with these. Previously owned homes may have outdated systems that need to be replaced. It is recommended to install a smoke detector in every bedroom in your home.
    2. Cost $12-$18 per unit

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