5 Trendy Bathroom Designs to Take Things Up a Notch


A home is incomplete without a beautiful bathroom attached to it. It is a bonus to have a shower that does its job while being pleasing to the eye. Moreover, a clean and decorative bathroom is a sign of a clean house. If you are planning to redesign your bathroom, you should concentrate on the flooring and fittings. This should give you enough ideas to deck your bathroom up to its best potential.


Take a look at the best bathroom designs that are currently taking the market by storm:

 1.Matte Black Fixtures-

Ditch the glitz and the glam of shine and choose something simple. Fixtures in dark colors and matte finish are creating a buzz. They are changing the way bathrooms are designed by giving a great contrast to light colored countertops. Mattes are a class apart and can complement various colors of flooring and wallpapers. They have a soothing appeal to the eye but make a statement in themselves. The endearing feature of matte fixtures is that they are minimalistic and do not need an extravagant drawback to finish the look. With matte fixtures, ‘less is always more.’ So, next time don’t be afraid to choose matte.

2.Wallpaper to Wow

Wallpapers can add a beautiful touch to the grandeur of any bathroom. Statement wallpapers can instantly upgrade the glamour of a powder room. Oversized floral designs and inky patterns were all over the place in the year 2017. But now the trend is shifting to abstract prints like water paintings, brush strokes and even fine arts. New designs are coming up every season, and they are a classic mix of traditional and quirky. It’s time you make your choice.

 3.Go bold

“Drama is the new cool” and to stand in the plethora of designs, flashy statement pieces can make a huge difference to shift the paradigm of the interior of a bathroom. The focus has shifted to pieces that have a classic appeal and are polished. For instance – sculptural shapes of scale bring a great deal of style to a dull space. Bold is the new beautiful, so do not hesitate to invest in pieces that bring the right amount of elegance to your area.

 4.Let the drapes flow-

Having curtains in the bathroom was not a popular trend that long ago. But lately, people are opting for draperies for their bathroom space as well. Adding drapes to the windows can give a luxurious touch and can be a soothing contrast to heavy flooring and fittings. The hard surface of porcelain and marble need a soft divergence to them, and there is nothing better than sheer flowy draperies from top to bottom to add some grace.  It is time to go with the flow of those dreamy drapes.

 5.A bathroom that is a gallery-

Artwork is not just restricted to the living room or your personal space. It has gloriously found its way to the bathroom to become the center of attraction. It might sound offbeat, but it is a trend that is doing the rounds. Sculptures and paintings are some of the common art pieces that are decking up powder rooms, and the result is subtle and sophisticated at the same time. Awaken the artist in you and turn your bathroom into a personal gallery.

 Bathrooms are an indispensable part of any house, and they must complement the interior decoration of the rest of the place. Nowadays, trends are changing overnight, and the safest way to redecorate is to keep things minimal. Serenity and calmness can go a long way to update the atmosphere of a bathroom. Keep this in mind when you pick pieces for your bathroom.  Always follow the concept of “less is more.” Let the décor express your personality and speak volumes about your lifestyle. It is popularly believed that productive thoughts come to mind in the bathroom so, create your space wisely.

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