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Fashion is not just restricted to clothes and accessories; home décor has made a grand entry into the industry. Everyone wants a home that reflects and complements their personality, and the choices are “to each their own.” 2018 has seen a drastic change in the preferences of customers as well as home contractors.


Rustic and earthy shades are royally replacing the bright hues. People are flocking towards such shades to add a sophisticated touch to their home. Browns, beiges, tans, and terracotta are what you should pick instead of mild tone palettes of pastel shades.

Go for single textured walls. A statement wall in a bright color will jazz up a boring, monotonous place and will be a space to showcase beautiful décor pieces.

Ceiling art is extremely popular, and people are choosing unique designs to decorate them. The ceiling is something that doesn’t grab the attention of anyone easily, but if it is boldly painted, then it will undoubtedly be an eye-catcher. Pop up ceilings are also a quirky trend that can seamlessly replace art.

Marble flooring is the most convenient and popular flooring. It is a metamorphic rock, so it ensures the house stays cool during the summer season. Also, lately marbles are coming in various designs and can be cut in a customized way to the taste of the buyer.  

If you are going for rustic shades for the walls, choose solid shades for doors and windows. Also, there is nothing trendier than a classic wooden polished door so stay old school on that.


One cannot think of home décor without the perfect furniture and curtains. They complete the entire look of the house. Keep reading to find out how to ace the furniture game.

A statement or single bold pieces are in trend because of the drama they add to a normal set up. One oversized piece of furniture placed in a visible corner of the house will upgrade the whole house tremendously.

Lamps and chandeliers are dream pieces, and every house owner should invest in one chunky lavish piece that will adorn their houses. One can’t imagine how much lighting can do to enhance a commonly decorated home.

Bohemian and ethnic design can appear to be gaudy but can have an artsy impact on your home. Choose pieces with intricate details and place them as a centerpiece to attract maximum attention almost effortlessly.

Wooden and bamboo furniture will make your home look like a luxurious destination resort. A chic set up will bring in the vacation vibe and relax you on the worst of days. Pick teak wood and hard bamboo polished pieces to get the desired outcome.

Paintings and art pieces are the most sought-after showpieces. Large pieces of artwork are show stoppers. Take a tour of the galleries in town and pick the legendary works of your favorite artists.

Curtains are certainly one of the most important parts of making a house into a home. Dreamy and lacy curtains are subtle, but on the contrary, heavy materials like polyester and cotton with solid colors invite more warmth. If flowy is what you prefer then go with light silk curtains in pastel shades and if you want to keep the heat away then choose dark and contrasting colors. Prints and patterns are also something you need to consider but make sure the curtains blend in with the rest of the house.

There is no proper rule or guideline when it comes to decorating your personal space. There will be trends that will come and go, but your sense of style will remain. It is advisable to experiment with the current fashion but following it blindly will give a messy outcome. A perfect mix of trend and your individual style will result in the home you see in magazines. Follow popular insights and your own instincts to stand out.

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