4 Simple Ways to Implement Smart Lighting


1. Choose a Partner

The best way to make “smart” enhancements is by choosing a digital assistant. The two most popular examples are the Amazon Echo or the Google Home. Using one of these as a hub will allow you to integrate other smart devices like lights or temperature.

2. Smart Light Bulbs

Changing your lightbulbs is the easiest way to introduce smart options. You don’t need to buy a new lighting fixture, just switch out the bulbs. You will connect to your Wi-Fi and control the light through your phone. If you have an Alexa or Home, you can set it up to control the light bulbs.

3. Smart Light Switches

Smart outlets or switches can make your entire home next level smart. This will allow you to remotely control lighting even if you do not have smart bulbs. You can control other things too like a TV with a smart switch.

4. Smart Lighting Controls

When you have smart lighting or devices that control parts of your home, you have endless possibilities. You can have a light turn on outside automatically when someone shows up, change the temperature of your house, or have lights shut off at a certain time of night. Automating the functions of your home makes life much easier.

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