10 Ways to Save Water This Summer


We cannot hide from the sun’s blazing heat all summer. It shines down on us more and more as the months go on. It almost seems as if it is angry with us for destroying the ecosystem. Did you know, the ocean temperatures are rising at the rate of 2˚F per decade?

Humans feel the rise in temperature in an acute fashion and to cool off, we use lots of water. This leads to a loss in the overall level of consumable water all around the world.

To prevent this, we can take small steps on our behalf to help prevent water loss. Most of them are a part of our daily routine. Here are a few:

  1. Save water while brushing teeth: I know it may seem exaggerated, but we waste a lot of water in the time it takes to complete our oral hygiene routine. Most of us brush our teeth and leave the faucet running. A simple solution is to only turn on the tap when needed.
  2. Exercise and saving water: A healthy exercise routine produces a lot of sweat and can dehydrate the person. So, it is imperative that we hydrate frequently. Most of us prefer to grab a bottle of water, but we could save a lot of water if we refilled a bottle instead of grabbing a new one each time.
  • Cut down shower time: We exercise, we sweat and shower it off. Cutting down each shower by a few minutes can make a drastic difference. We are not suggesting to skip a shower, just shower quicker.
  • Drink enough water, just enough: Often we fill up our glasses to the brim with water and do not drink it all. This practice also causes a masked water wastage. Just fill up how much water is required during meals, and if needed, we can always get more. It is better to go back for more than take too much.


  1. Fruity way: When eating fruit, it is important to rinse it off first. There is a large amount of water wasted if this is done under a running faucet. Instead, try filling a small bowl with water to monitor how much you are using.
  2. Loading the dishwasher: We may feel the need to wash our dishes as soon as we enjoy a meal, but we would conserve a lot more water if we waited for the dishwasher to fill up and ran it all at once. Who knew dirty dishes would save the environment!
  3. We all need a car wash! : Washing cars ourselves, with buckets and sponges is a hard business, but did you know that all those times that we felt lazy and put our cars through a car wash, we conserved a lot more water? So, be lazy, pick the car wash.
  4. Lawn time! : We all like to maintain a well-manicured lawn. But this requires regular watering. It has been proven that watering your lawn at the time of early morning (Dawn) and evenings (dusk) increases the water retention of the soil, thereby increasingly beneficial for plants, at the same time we saving water.
  5. Desert landscape: Another way to conserve water and still maintain a stellar landscape is having a desert themed lawn! Imagine this…a low maintenance lawn that only needs minimal care and watering once a week at meager quantities. It is an environmentalist’s dream come true!
  6. Rain Water Harvesting: This is the traditional method to conserve water. All you need is a collection system installed on the rooftop and a groundwater replenishing pump, and you are all set! Most governments offer subsidies to set up a rainwater harvesting system at your homes. It is easy and needs deficient maintenance.

These tips scratch the surface of how we can reduce our water footprint. There is a lot more we could do if we just put our hearts into it. So be wise, and conserve water.

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