10 Trends You’ll See in Homes This Fall


Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner so here’s an update on what new colors, textures, and styles you can expect to see in cutting-edge homes. The return of cooler weather is a great chance to update your home’s design. Here are ten trends to give you ideas.

  1. Dark Walls. Say good-bye to all-white rooms! Dramatic, stunning, and full of warmth, dark walls are making a comeback this fall. With their subdued warmth and rich textures, these colors are perfect for the coming cooler months. Consider chocolate browns, forest greens, and even onyx blacks.
  2. Velvet. A rich, luxurious fabric, velvet is perfect for welcoming the cooler weather. Combine it in your home with rough natural textures like reclaimed wood or woven baskets to add both visual and tactile coziness to any room. Don’t have the budget for new furniture?  Treat yourself to some velvet pillows or a velvet throw.
  3. Relaxing Personal Retreats. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or over-connected to technology, this is the trend to take note of. More and more interior design trend-setters are banishing technology from their personal retreats to carve out a space that is personal, cozy, and uniquely theirs. This is also the simplest trend to follow; just move your phone charger out of your bedroom. For an extra touch, surround your bed with canopies or lace curtains, or pull a comfy chair into a corner for an instant reading nook.
  4. Brass. Copper is out and brass is in. It’s especially gorgeous when incorporated into furniture in an overt way. Look for pieces with brass feet or edging, paired with darker colors and rich fabric textures like velvets or other plush materials.
  5. Interesting Bedding and Rustic Quilts. Put those plain white sheets away until next year. This fall trend-setters are looking for more exciting patterns. If you want to take a step beyond bedding, consider a custom upholstered headboard as a statement piece; they are having a major moment. If that’s too much, look for cuddly, eye-catching statement quilts.
  6. Fiber Textures. Woven textures bring a rich depth to a room, particularly in cold weather months. Anchor a wall or a table with a few woven baskets, swap out a light fixture for a woven basket light, or place plants in wicker stands. For a truly rich and cozy feeling, off-set the rough woven textures with soft velvet or hand-knit throws or pillows.
  7. Terra Cotta Tile. This classic earthenware adds warmth and character to any room of the house. Traditionally designers have loved it as a floor tile, but don’t underestimate the atmosphere just a few square inches can add as a backsplash behind a kitchen or bathroom sink.
  8. Blush. If you’re not a fan of those darker paint colors recommended above, this one is for you! Blush pink is a soft, inviting color that adds light and freshness to a room without overpowering the space’s other features. It’s especially good for repainting wooden furniture because of its versatility as an accent color. Or look for smaller items like vintage glassware or velvet pillows. Almost everything looks great in blush.
  9. Matte Black Home Accessories. A perfect pairing for dark statement walls, lighter colors like blush or the rich browns of woven textiles, it’s hard to go wrong with matte black home accessories. Switch out lamp shades, drawer pulls, or cabinetry. Bathrooms and kitchens are best suited to the color’s sophistication and practicality.
  10. Extending Time Outdoors. There’s no need to rush inside as soon as the temperature starts to drop. In fact, extending the outdoor season can help alleviate day-to-day stressors and off-set that end-of-summer melancholy. Start by investing in a patio set and compliment it with a fire pit or outdoor heater. Transition your rugs, planters, and other outdoor accessories to ones with warmer fall colors and textures. Look for features that will help create a cozy, calm, inviting living space.

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